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Don't know where to eat healthy and organic food with such a beautiful view? Puspanita it is! We will serve you with a wide variety of healthy food menus made out of self-harvested, organic goods. We plant our organic vegetables and various types of fruits right next to the kitchen. We will cook you a delicious and nutritious meal. In that way, you can set an example for sustainable, regional, and balanced nutrition.

Variety Healthy Food Menu

As A Form Of Education On A Healthy Lifestyle, ESC Puspanita Produces Several Processed Foods Made With Raw Materials From Puspanita's Land.

Our Eco Products

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Kujermint stands for KUnyit (cucurmin), JERuk (lemon) and MINT. This beverage will make your body fit because of the function for each. This is good for maintaining your metabolism.



You can drink Seruni here at Puspanita. Seruni is SErai (lemongrass) and JeRUk NIpis (lime). This beverage is good for your health especially for you who gets high cholesterol.

Taro stick


Enjoy our organic taro stick. Processing it by having the best quality of ingredients, you can enjoy this snack at your best time




Our organic cassava can be processed into some types of healthy food. We provide it for you. We do not take any preservatives and MSG

Celery cheese stick


This healthy snack is modified by adding celery as one of the best plants. Celery contains vitamin C, beta carotene, and flavonoids.

Eco Spirit Center

Try and feel the delicacy.