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Eco Spirit Center (ESC) Puspanita comes from ecology, spirit, and center. ESC Puspanita is expected to become a center for ecological learning and training to spread the JPIC (Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation) spirituality.

Eco Spirit Center Puspanita is one of the manifestations of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity, St. Charles Borromeo, in becoming an oasis and reawakening of human creation and nature. Its management, since 2008, has been handed over to the Tarakanita Higher Education Foundation. Sr. Edelberte Sukrismawati CB is the Head at present.



To be the organizer of service work in the field of learning that excels in the field of spirituality of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) in Indonesia that finds God in harmony with His creation


Taking part in the field of learning to maintain natural harmony based on the spirituality of Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation (JPIC)



Building a retreat home

In the beginning, ESC Puspanita was established because of
the internal need for Tarakanita schools to provide a retreat place and learning environment for students. Sr. Marie Redempta CB then purchased a land of approximately 3 ha in Bitungsari Village, Ciawi – Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.

In 1994, she applied for a permit to establish a retreat home. Since the permit to build a retreat house has not been obtained, the permit has changed its function to the permit for the establishment of a Horticultural Laboratory. This license was obtained in 1995 and construction began.

15 January 1996
Official Opening

After several buildings were completed, on 15 January 1996 this place was officially opened and blessed by Mgr. Michael Cosmas Angkur, OFM (Bishop of Bogor Diocese). Since then ESC Puspanita which stands for Tarakanita Research Center (Pusat Penelitian Tarakanita), has operated as a horticulture laboratory and can be used for retreat activities.

14 August 2008
Handing over the management

On August 14, 2008 Sr. Evarista, CB as the Provincial representative of CB Congregation handed over the management of ESC Puspanita to the Tarakanita Higher Education Foundation. Several CB Sisters have been managing ESC Puspanita.

In Between
From Horticulture Laboratory To Eco Spirit Center (ESC) Puspanita

Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) is an integral part of the Church’s mission having the following characters: Animation,  Pastoral, Missionary, Prophetic. These four characteristics of the JPIC ministry are reflected in concrete activities related to JPIC. Some of the areas of JPIC ministry are: JPIC Spiritual Animation, Advocacy, Empowerment, Legal Services, Charitable Work.

The CB Congregation as part of the Church is called to be involved in implementing Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation. This has become a concern in the 1999, 2005 and 2011 Chapters. The Congregation, particularly at the 2005 Chapter with the theme: “CB Sisters, Female Disciples of Jesus Christ, Bearers of Reconciliation in a Wounded World” invites the sisters to realize the reality that humans, the world, and wounded creation need healing. This healing will occur when the true relationships of humans, the world, and creation are returned in “harmony” according to God’s purpose when He breathed life. The 2011 Chapter with the theme: “My heart is burning with love, make me capable in your devotion” raised the theme of JPIC.

JPIC promotes human life with dignity. The absolute prerequisite for upholding justice is first of all concerning the upholding of human dignity, because God himself values ​​human dignity as His creation or His image (Genesis 1:27). Justice is also a relationship with God, others and other creatures in order to create a peaceful and harmonious relationship.

01 June 2012
Becoming "Puspanita Eco Spirit Center"

On June 1, 2012 the Board of CB of the Province of Indonesia decided to form a JPIC Team and send Sr. Marisa Nur Trisna, CB to pioneer the Eco Spirit Center which is located at Puspanita. Since then, the Puspanita Meeting House, which since its establishment has a horticultural laboratory permit, has been reaffirmed as Puspanita’s Eco Spirit Center.

Puspanita Eco Spirit Center (ESC) was established as an ecological learning and training center to spread the JPIC spirituality. ESC is also expected to be a place to reconnect between humans and Mother Earth and as a place of preparation for the Ecozoic era, namely entering an ecological era.

In addition, ESC is a means of realizing the Congregation’s Vision: “The poor, the marginalized and the afflicted are saved and freed in the integrity of the kingdom of God” so that it is hoped that God can be served and glorified through others and the universe. In relation with it, the mission is “to create services for the wholeness of mankind to be more in accordance with the Image of God as a sign of the presence of His Kingdom”.