Smart Farming

The modern way of farming

As in many other areas of society, technology has found its way into farming too. Especially during the last few years, fairly small devices have been developed to communicate with each other in the so-called Internet of Things (IoT). In Smart Farming, devices like these are the simplest way to measure and track different values that are important for plant growth. This digitized tracking form makes studying the values on different timeframes and taking corresponding actions a lot easier. In some cases, the systems trigger certain actions, like irrigation themselves, once certain thresholds are met.

Our very own farm

At our very own Farm in Section 5 of the Eco Spirit center we have 4 solar powered nodes that each measure humidity, soil moisture, light intensity and temperature at their locations. The sensors are spread over the field, to allow different readings for the different plants that grow on the different parts of the field. The nodes send their data to a server over the Internet, which stores them and visualizes them using the graphs you can see below.

Currently we only use the system to track the change of the values overtime, but we are thinking about using it for further scientific research and enhanced functionality in cooperation with the Atma Java University. This might include different forms of visualisation, adding more sensors, adding alarms for critical values or power shortage and so on.

Real-Time Data

puspanita's farm

puspanita's aquaponic